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How to get a bad credit credit card

October 30, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Do you have a poor credit history but need to get a credit card. You can go for a bad credit credit card, where approval is not based on the customer’s credit rating but by depositing money as security with the credit card provider. Consider the following when getting a bad credit credit card.

Look at all the options available

There is the option of selecting a guaranteed credit card or a pre-paid credit card. A debit card will not permit a user to over spend as when the money deposited is spent you cannot make any further purchases which will control your spending.

A guaranteed card is like a normal credit card and could make you over spend.

Check for reliability of the provider

There are many companies that offer very low interest rates and other rewards to bring in customers. Beware they may not provide credit confirming towards the major credit agencies which will leave you unable to use the card to repairing poor credit.


Make sure to find out about all the costs involved in getting a bad credit credit card. There are many hidden costs which will make you pay far more than you were told.

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