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How credit score is affected by closing credit cards

If you are trying to cut down on expenses and pay off your credit card debts you think that closing credit cards is a good way to get started as you will not be accumulating more credit. But closing your credit cards will have a negative impact on your credit score. How does this happen? A key factor in determining the credit score of a person is the credit to debt ratio. A person who uses less than... [Read more]

How to get a bad credit credit card

Do you have a poor credit history but need to get a credit card. You can go for a bad credit credit card, where approval is not based on the customer’s credit rating but by depositing money as security with the credit card provider. Consider the following when getting a bad credit credit card. Look at all the options available There is the option of selecting a guaranteed credit card or a pre-paid... [Read more]

How to maintain a healthy credit score

Having a healthy credit score is very important for your financial future. Poor credit score means it will not be easy to rent a property, get a credit card and can hinder with your day to day activities in ways you never thought possible. With planning and self-discipline you will be able to maintain a good credit score. Pay your bills on time: one of the main factors that determine your credit score... [Read more]

The importance of a stop loss in forex trading

With all the risks that are involved with forex trading, risk management is a key factor of the business. It is one element that will determine whether you will make profits or be wiped out. A stop loss is a vital ingredient in managing risk. There are three elements in the execution of a trade; the target, the stop loss and exit. Getting these elements right will determine the success of the trade.... [Read more]

Good debt v bad debt

It may not sound like it, but not all debt is bad there some debts that are actually good for you depending on the purpose you are using it for. A good debt is used to purchase something that will increase in value over time, such as a house, a student loan which will increase your job worth or funds used for a high return yielding investments. These loans usually have a set term of repayment and the... [Read more]


A pay day loan is a short term loan given out mainly to persons with poor or no credit. The lender will keep an uncashed check from the borrower or electronic access to the borrower’s bank account as collateral. The borrower has to pay within the given period (which is generally two weeks) the amount borrowed plus borrowing fees and if he is unable to pay it back on that day he will be charged an... [Read more]


In the face of the current economic crisis there are more and more people faced with mounting debts. Credit card companies are charging consumers billions of dollars in late fees and interest charges. So how do you control your debt? 1. Select a credit card that charges the lowest interest rate and get rid of ones that charge a higher rate. 2. Pay more than the minimum payment to ensure faster repayment... [Read more]