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It’s time to review your important documents

We should review our financial documents regularly, at least once year or when changes occur, in order to prevent many financial and other mishaps. One of the biggest drawbacks of not reviewing your documents especially your will and financial documents may result in unintended consequences. It could prevent your loved ones inheriting your fortune. So what can you do? At least once a year update... [Read more]

Cash transactions are slowly going away

More and more Americans are paying for their retail purchases with credit and debit cards. Use of credit and debit cards to pay for retail purchases accounted for more than 30 percent of all retail transactions in 2013 according to Barron’s Magazine. The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing issued more than 8.4 billion notes including three billion worth of one hundred dollar notes in 2011. Still... [Read more]

Institutional credit rating agencies

Almost 97 percent of institutional credit ratings come from three agencies; Standard and Poor’s (S&P), Fitch Ratings and Moody’s. They assign institutions including nation’s governments, organizations, companies, cities and many others with a rating. Rating grades vary from the highest “AAA” (Moody’s “Aaa”) to lowest issuer default rating of S&P and Fitch “D” (Moody’s... [Read more]

Could multiple inquiries into your credit lower your score?

Yes it could, but if it is happening over a long period of time. Let’s say that you are applying for credit at department stores when they give you a 10 percent discount. If you keep this practice over a long period of time at various stores, multiple inquiries into your credit could result in lowering or affecting your FICO score. However, if these inquiries are taking place within a short period... [Read more]

Which credit card issuer is best for you?

The Westlake Village, California based J.D. Power ranks and publishes an annual credit card satisfaction survey for last seven years. The latest report, 2013 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study, was published on August 22, 2013. They use six factors including interaction; credit card terms; billing and payments; rewards; benefits and services; and problem resolution to gauge and rank card issuers.... [Read more]

Steps to take if your credit card information breached

Article submitted by Debt Settlement Online. Holidays are good times for many Internet fraudsters. Many of us use our credit or debit cards for holiday purchases which are larger than your day to day purchases and fraudsters on the lookout to steal as much information from these transactions. Therefore, holidays become more vulnerable time for card users. Well, what steps can you take to protect... [Read more]

How to beat credit card late fees?

It could happen to anyone for many reasons. But paying a payment late is no fun at all. That’s why the Federal government built in some relief into the Credit Card Act of 2009 which limits the late fees to $25 for the first violation and $35 for subsequent violations. If you have missed a payment within the last six months, rules may not apply. They also do not apply to small business credit... [Read more]

Living beyond your means

How can you tell that you are living beyond your means? If you are buried in debt and you are having trouble making your monthly payments, this is an indication that you are exceeding your financial capabilities. Most common mistake we make is charging things that we can’t afford to available credit cards. When it comes to paying bills including shelter, utilities and others, we struggle to make... [Read more]

When is filing for bankruptcy makes sense?

When bill collectors are calling non-stop, the only option left may be to file for bankruptcy. But selecting the right form and option need careful consideration. Mistakes can complicate the process and may not bring the desired outcome. If you are faced with a wage garnishment, imminent foreclosure or lawsuit, filing for a bankruptcy can bring relief. But before you embark on that path, you need... [Read more]

Bad money habits that can break your bank

Some bad money habits without even you recognize them can lead you to more debt and eventual bankruptcy. When it comes to money matters there are few restraints that you need to practice. Plan, Plan and Plan: When it comes to spending money, planning is the key. Having a plan can help you in many ways. Do not spend more than you earn. Have a plan in place to pay for your monthly expenses, save... [Read more]

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