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Plan ahead to get ahead

Written by: Financial Haze With less than desired amounts stacked away for retirement, more and more Americans are facing an uncertain future. Travel and fun used to be the norm for retirement and it is no more. More and more Americans are resorting to find work after the retirement age. Those who are 50 plus and closing in on retirement age should pay close attention. Many of whom are still holding... [Read more]

How late payments affect your FICO score

The widely used measure of your financial well-being is your FICO score. Thirty five (35) percent of your FICO score is based on your payment history. That is more than one third of your score. What happens if you have late payments and how it impacts your FICO score? Late payments could be any installment payment that you did not make on time and paid few days late as considered by many creditors.... [Read more]

How collection notices works against you

If you have debt that you neglected to pay on time or not paid at all, it could result in you getting a collection notice. In order to get one of these, your debt should be long overdue, normally more than 180 days. You may get the notice not from the company you owe the debt because many companies instead of dealing with each individual delinquency, lump several delinquent accounts together and... [Read more]

This you may not want to see on your credit report

Your credit report is a snap shot of your finances. It reveals information about you and your finances to lenders and others who are looking into your financial information for many reasons. FICO score is just one barometer and your credit report carries more information than that. Here is something that you never want to see on your credit report. Charge-offs usually takes place if you fail to... [Read more]

Facts about four kinds of debt

Many financial experts advice certain debt to be paid off now before others while other types of debt can wait a little longer. Here we are attempting to reason out what to do with four type debt; mortgage, credit card debt, student loans, and car loans. Your mortgage: Pay off later instead of now. This is the largest debt many of us carry and the largest investment we make. It still provides you... [Read more]

Why my credit score is so low?

Have you seen your credit score lately? If so, you may be wondering why your score is low and didn’t go up with all your recent efforts to stay current. You paid your bills on time lately and still your score has not gone up. This doesn’t make sense at all. Understanding what goes into your credit score can explain what made your latest credit score or FICO Score, as we call it. Your credit... [Read more]

Don’t leave your 401(k) with your old employer

Many companies provide tax beneficial 401(k) retirement plans for their employees. Established under Section 401(k) of the Tax Code, it is one of the best tax advantaged vehicles to save for retirement. Some employers offer matching 401(k) contributions to enhance the appeal of the program for its employees. What happen to your 401(k) fund if you leave your employer? Since there is not going to be... [Read more]

Proven strategy to payoff credit card debt

Many of us are inundated with credit card debt and it even impacts our health worrying about it. Many wish that they shouldn’t have used those cards when it comes to payment time. It’s a dilemma that many of us dwell each month. Let’s say your family credit card debt is approximately $100,000. Seems like a huge amount depending on your monthly income. If your family earns six figure incomes... [Read more]

Unpaid taxes could ruin your financial health

Unpaid taxes can get you in financial trouble in many ways. The IRS is relentless when it comes to collecting taxes and it has many powers that it can use causing you a financial ruin. Not just the past due taxes, the IRS will add penalties and interest too. Some say these two together can exceed the interest rate charged on your credit card balance. Pay your taxes in full and on time to avoid penalties... [Read more]

How you can tackle large credit card debt

We rack up credit card bills for many reasons. For some, charging purchases to credit cards comes as a habit and for many others going on a shopping spree once awhile cures innermost desires. If you have huge credit card debt, you can learn from others who were in your shoes before. Don’t try to pay off your credit card balances with money you don’t have. Instead come up with a reasonable time... [Read more]

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