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New York Times to Seek Repayment of Slim Loan

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(NYSE: NYT) In the interest of maintaining his family’s imperial control over the New York Times, Arthur Sulzberger is seeking to refinance a loan borrowed from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

Top economic analysts say that Slim’s $250 millon loan to Mr. Sulzberger was used to bail the New York Times out of possible economic trauma. Launching a series of ambitious “modernization” programs, the New York Times has sought to control not only the paper press, but the wide-open horizons of E-news, as well.

Calos Slim announced today that he would be opening several new zinc and gold mines in Mexico to expand his fortune. Slim has long held the coltanite trade in North America under his iron boot, controlling the flow of the rare metal processed from raw ore in the Congo throughout Central and North America. Coltanite is an essential metal in current-day cellphone processors, and Slim has a monopoly.

In order to pay off the Slim loan early, Sluzberger plans to raise $225 million by offering six-year bonds to investors. The New York Times is ambitious about their future expansion into the world of E-news, gripping the E-book market in a stranglehold with their new up-to-the-minute updates to the Amazon Kindle and other mobile E-reader devices.

Sulzberger was to pay Slim with super-voting shares for the NYT using his family trusts, but this would have jeopardized his family’s control over the world-famous news paper, which is something Sulzberger was not about to do, even in a cash-starved economy.

Accepting credit card payments

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The ability of accepting credit card payments has been the one crucial factor that has seen businesses succeed online.If you think about it, there is no other payment method that can work practically to make ecommerce a success. Sending checks, money orders, DD’s or any other payment method is impractical because it will take too much time and it ends up hassling the customer too much as well.

So the universally accepted credit card became the standard because it represented ease of use for everyone. For those who run a business, accepting credit cards has become easy because an internet merchant account provider will take up all the dirty work of processing credit cards.This part of the job was really the only sticky point in the whole deal, but since someone else takes care of it that leaves the seller and buyer to interact in peace.

If you start up an internet business, you will find yourself being inundated by messages from merchant services providers. This is simply because there are hundreds of them out there looking for more business.Choose carefully and scrutinize all agreements. Do not be taken in by offers and deals like a free credit card machine or something similar. While those things may help your business, they are not the sole deciding factor.Keep an eye out for hidden costs, because that is what kills a business in the end.The best thing to do is to go with an established merchant services provider to have a good experience with your online business.

3 Pros and 2 cons of debt settlement that are worth considering

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If you’re overburdened with credit card debts and you can’t arrange the minimum payments on your credit cards, you might be looking for some kind of debt resolution. Out of the various debt relief options available, debt settlement can be a viable option for you as it reduces the debt amount considerably. But before settling your debts through a debt settlement company, you need to consider some pros and cons of debt settlement companies. Read on to know about them.

Pros of settling your debts through a debt settlement company

Debt settlement companies attract most debt struck consumers because of the significant reduction in the debt amount. Have a look at the pros of settling your debts with a debt settlement company.

1.You become debt free soon: By settling your debts through a debt settlement company, you can completely free yourself out of debt within 24 to 36 months. This certainly depends on the amount of debt that you owe to your creditors. As you pay off the settled amount, you can easily start with rebuilding your credit once again.

2.Pay less than you owe: Through a debt settlement company, you pay less than what you owe. Your debt consultant negotiates with your creditors and attempts to lower the principal amount to its half. The cut off amount ranges from 40-50%. Thus you save a lot of money by settling your debts.

3.Stops legal actions: As you pay off your debts owed to your creditors, no legal actions are taken against you. Generally your creditors take legal action against you if you fall behind on your payments. But since in this case, you make your payments, though not in full, the creditors stop taking legal action against you.

Cons of settling your debts through a debt settlement company

Debt settlement has got some cons which must also be considered before settling your debts so that you can safeguard yourself against such disadvantages. Have a look at some of them.

1.Your credit score is hurt: By settling your debts, you can hurt your credit score significantly. Since you do not pay the entire amount, the creditors report it as “paid as settled” and this hits your credit score badly.

2.Your savings becomes taxable: The amount that you save through a settlement is subject to tax under the IRS. Thus the money that you are going to save will be taken away in the form of taxes.

Debt settlement is the fastest and the least expensive way to get out of debt. It is a direct and ambitious approach to debt reduction and it is best suited for individuals who have no other option left but to file bankruptcy.

Author: Charles Anderson

Forex trade can be profitable with the right approach

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If one wants to learn forex, the bottom line is that it isn’t easy but it isn’t that difficult as people have made it out to be either. The approach that one has to take in order to gain success in this area of investments has to be a step-by-step meticulous one minus the impulsiveness of a gambler who’s been set loose in a Las Vegas casino.

And it’s perhaps its’ those who have taken a gambler-like approach to forex trade are the ones who have got their fingers burnt, and thus assume that others who are interested in investing will do the same at some point or the other.

The truth is that in understanding the forex market, and making your own choices (whether impulsive or cautious) will learn how the market functions while it negotiates the financial hurdles that governments, countries and banks set in motion unknowingly.

And while the online trading is becoming more and more popular, the amount of money that is transacted by markets the world over can amount to about $ 3 trillion, so one can see how much potential there is in the forex market at the outset.

Since online trading is conducted by using trading systems designed for forex, all one has to do is open a demo account among the several websites over the internet that offer these services. And if you are a beginner, then opening an account with Finexo (dot com) will not only show you the ropes but will also get you started in making investments.

The Finexo Forex trading system is excellent for beginners

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According to experts, staying in touch with the latest forex news while also waiting for signals from trusted sources can make investing in the forex market almost too easy. But with the horror stories that one hears all the time, several folks who have been interested are often scared away for no reason at all.

The truth is that it is all a matter of taking a professional-like approach to investing in the forex market which sooner or later, will surely reap dividends. And while forex tips continue to play a large role, one can be sure that if it is indeed genuine, you’ll find yourself laughing your way to the bank.

On the other hand though, if you’ve taken an aggressive approach to investing without doing your homework (even gamblers at the race course do their homework!), then you’ll end having to cut your losses and worse still, end up disgruntled and disillusioned.

Truth be told, the attitude to investing in the forex market need to be tempered with a degree of realism, and sometimes, not taking other people’s word is a good idea.

However, one can also take the online trading approach that allows you to process information about the forex market by yourself while also slowly guiding you through the process of investing without making any impulsive moves.

Financial trading systems such as the Finexo forex can be an excellent start for beginner where you not only get to learn about the forex market but you get practice in using a demo account before actually beginning to invest.

Why forex signals are very important?

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If you’re an experienced FX trader, you’d know how important forex signals can be to your investments in the forex market. Experts go as far as to say that if one finds a reliable and timely source of these signals, one can easily make a large profit from the forex market.

And with the changing times where FX trading has switched over to the online version, the old fogies are gradually becoming used to the term forex web trader as opposed to just forex trader, indicating that FX trading is now largely conducted over the internet.

Of course, with the internet now getting involved, there are several websites that offer downloadable or browser-based software that can help you get started as well as even give you crash courses in learning how to conduct forex trade at the push of a single button.

And if that’s not enough, there are several websites that also offer one the latest financial news that could affect currency trading in the forex market. So, with this barrage of information that continues to hit web traders’ every day, one must be careful of knowing which source to trust or just ignore.

And while brokers have played a part in the losses that you might have heard from several folks before you made your move to invest in the forex market, it should be heartening to know that with the role of the internet and technology playing a larger role, the investor now has more than a fighting chance to make profits from the forex market.

Forex robots make things easier for you

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If you’ve been a player in the forex market for sometime now, you’d definitely know that the amount of information to glean through is virtually limitless, which can drive one up the wall if not drive him or her crazy.

Sources of forex news especially available online are aplenty while popular names such as dailyfx and fx360 over the internet can keep you posted on the latest developments in the financial world, three events that any financial trader cannot miss are the Federal Reserve Meetings, the Non-Farm Payrolls report and G-7 meetings which are among quite a few significant financial events but are the biggest, especially if you trade with money pairs that involve the dollar.

Forex signals are another aspect of FX trading that can help you make money either selling or buying especially when they are obtained in a timely manner and is accurate. If this happens from time to time, FX traders (even web traders) stand to make a lot of money so easily that it becomes boring.

And since most FX traders have made money in analyzing reports and focusing in one area of investments in the forex market, it bodes well that forex robots are used to make your investments especially when you are asleep.

Most of these automated functions are found especially if you have an account with one of the several forex trading systems that are now available over the internet. If that’s not enough, they also provide tips, tricks and education on the forex market in order to equip the investor before he spend even a single dollar.