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What Are Charge Backs And How Can You Fight Them?

December 7, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

When a retailer hears the phrase charge backs, they most likely will cringe just a little bit.  Charge backs are scary for retailers due to he fact that it gives customers the power to basically dispute anything that they purchase in your store, whether it be legitimately or illegitimately.  A customer who does not have a positive moral compass could theoretically make a purchase, and then file a dispute with the credit card company, stating that they did not actually make this purchase.  This is something that can cause companies to lose a lot of money, especially if the charge back was truly fraudulent in nature.

Documentation is the most important thing when you are thinking about charge back and what you should have within your arsenal of records.  If you can recreate an entire transaction for a credit card company you will be able to show them that the transaction is legitimate it every single way.  This can go a long way to having the credit card companies side with you.  Visa or MasterCard is more likely to side with the customer than your business, which is why the more proof you can provide the better.

Having a reliable operator of your merchant account such as Solidtrustpay can go a long way to successfully fighting these fraudulent charge backs.  Solid trust pay and other professional services companies will work and stand by your side to be sure you get the money owed to you.

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