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Student Credit Cards – Helping America’s Youth

September 18, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Did you just start college and move away from home? If so, it is a good idea to apply for a student credit card at a local bank branch. Most banks offer student checking and saving accounts, as well as student credit cards, which often have a low interest rate. Student credit cards often have a limit of between $300-$1,000 dollars, so that students cannot get massively in credit card debt. Also, some students may send the credit card bill to their parents to help pay them off, which help students achieve a good credit standing.

Almost all banks offer online identity protection for all bank activity including checking and saving accounts and credit card accounts. Banks have secure websites and have taken many steps to protect online users from identity theft and other frauds. Most banks use special authentication tools with picture and password user identification for each time a user logs in to his or her account.

Unfortunately, not all students qualify for a credit card. However, some banks offer personal loans for very bad credit. Most banks offer loans to students with poorer credit if they have a co-signer, such as a parent or other family member who has good credit. This protects the student because he or she can improve credit with the extra protection of having a parent help pay off the personal loan. If you are a student in need of a little extra money, check with your local bank or other banks in your area.

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