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Steps to take if your credit card information breached

December 10, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Article submitted by Debt Settlement Online.

Holidays are good times for many Internet fraudsters. Many of us use our credit or debit cards for holiday purchases which are larger than your day to day purchases and fraudsters on the lookout to steal as much information from these transactions. Therefore, holidays become more vulnerable time for card users.

Well, what steps can you take to protect you from a theft? Your e-mail address is more public than you think. Scammers use information gathered from your e-mail account and others to create a complete financial picture of you. When credit card breaches become more public we tend to immediately change to a new credit or debit card. It is very helpful for protecting you. Since your e-mail account provides fraudsters with a name and an address and other information, watch for phony messages especially if it is asking for personal information such as Social Security Number (SSN), birth date etc.

Look for requests for information coming from outside especially with a name of a retailer. Many do not ask for sensitive information such as SSN.

Sign up for a credit monitoring service. Many cards do offer free service for certain time period or during a suspected card breach. Take advantage of these offers.